G&J Kartway Repave: UPDATE
October 12, 2023
2024 Rules Committee
October 28, 2023

TENTATIVE OVKA 2024 Schedule

As discussed in this month’s Board Meeting, here is the TENTATIVE 2024 OVKA Schedule. We’ve worked hard to factor in your feedback from this season, while also providing off-weekends for practice and family events between nearly every points race on the calendar. Here are the highlights:

CHARITY RACE: will be moved to the Spring, the day after Karting 101. This will act as a great Warm-Up Race for everyone to get used to the new track surface and dial in their setups.

NIGHT RACES: three Night Race dates (5/18, 6/8, and 8/3)

DOUBLE HEADERS: two double-header weekends (6/22-23, and 7/20-21)