The Ohio Valley Karting Association


OVKA Races 8 & 9 
Saturday & Sunday July 20-21
G&J Kartway: Configs 1CX & BX


July 15, 2024
OVKA 2024 Races 8 & 9


Join us for our second and final Double-Header weekend of the year as we try out two new configurations at G&J Kartway! This week it's all cut-through, all-the-time, not just on the opening lap, as we race 1CX and BX configurations!

Rules and Series Information can be found at! Come out and join us!

July 8, 2024
Up Next: New Configurations!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came out to our OVKA Memorial Championship Race, and to everyone who organized, donated time & materials, and helped put on a great event for our Club. Points through Race #7 are now available at

COMING UP NEXT: we have our final Double-Header weekend of the year, on July 20-21 and it'll be ALL CUT-THROUGH-ALL THE-TIME as we try out two new "X-Configurations" at G&J Kartway, which were tested by our 100cc classes at last year's Charity Race. On Saturday we'll be running 1CX (1C, but using the Turn 1 Cut-Through on every lap) for a high-speed, fast and flowing Outer-Loop of the track. On Sunday we will run BX, and run the same Cut-Through on every lap procedure on the smaller, inner B circuit. Visit for more information and come out and join us!

A reminder: our CLUB MEMBERSHIP SURVEY will continue to be available online through the end of the month. We've already received several dozen helpful submissions, and we appreciate you taking some time to give us your thoughts at:

July 6, 2024
OVKA 2024 Club Survey


As we celebrate with our mid-season Memorial Champ Race this weekend, we're taking the time to open up to your feedback to help guide the club schedule and rules for next year. Please take the time in the coming weeks to fill out our 2024 Membership survey to give us your thoughts at the following link and at

The survey features 38 questions, in a combination of multiple-choice and open-ended response types, which should take 10-15 minutes to complete. We ask that you answer honestly and constructively to help work to build a club and schedule that YOU want to race at in 2025!

June 23, 2024
OVKA 2024 Race 7: Memorial Championship Race

Join us for our largest race of the year, the annual mid-summer OVKA Memorial Championship Race, celebrating all those who have dedicated their time & spirit for six decades to build OVKA into one of the longest-running kart clubs in the country! This race takes place on the original G&J Kartway "A-Configuration" and features a 2-Day Race Format:

>2 Rounds of Warm-Up
>2-Lap Qualifying (2 laps ONLY, best single lap counts)
>Mechanics & Powderpuff Fun Races
>Club Dinner (Provided by Richmond Wings & Rings)
>Family Fun on the Track & Movie Night

>1 Round Warm-Up (optional)
>Straggler Qualifying (will start behind Saturday Qualifiers)
>Final Race
>Trophy Awards

Come out and enjoy a great weekend with friends & club members to celebrate Summer & OVKA Kart Racing!


June 19, 2024


A couple of updates before the Double-Header this weekend:

> G&J Kartway has continued its facility upgrades in the past week by repaving the entire grid & pit area.

>The Track will be CLOSED for practice tomorrow (Thursday June 19) for repainting of the grid and track border-lines.

>The pit space markings on the new pavement will NOT be in place yet for this weekend, so please be courteous and work with your pit neighbors to get everyone in their correct spots until we get a chance to re-mark them.

>If you are pitted in a grass area: the new pit asphalt sits higher than the grass, so you may want to bring an extra plank of wood to help roll your kart-stands on & off the pavement until G&J Kartway crews can finish the earthwork to level off the edges.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding in working with us and the Track on these continued updates!


We are keeping an eye on the heat warnings for the weekend, and our officials will make calls on race day for any race-length or format changes if it is deemed necessary. We will have cold bottled water donated by our members available in coolers at the head of the grid and at the scale lane, as well as a misting fan available by the Tech Barn available to help our members cool off. We will also work in additional water breaks for our volunteers & workers as well. Please help us by keeping yourselves well-hydrated and cool so that we can have a great weekend at the track!