REMINDER: R70 Compound Tires for All Classes in 2024
December 20, 2023
January Board Meeting
December 28, 2023

Swap Meet Tech Trainings

The Swap Meet is proud to offer two different Tech Training Classes through our partners at RIX Tech Tools and Carlson Motorsports for 2024:

AKRA Tech Certification Class

with Don Gordner, AKRA Tech Director

Receive your AKRA Tech Certification

Training on: LO206, Clone Box Stock, Ducar 212 engines

To Sign-Up, contact Lewis Stout of Rix Tech Tools

Phone: 423-790-0468


Briggs LO206 Technical Evaluation Class

with Brian Carlson, Carlson Motorsports

Designed for track tech staff, race teams, and individuals

Become proficient in technical evaluation based on Briggs ruleset

Engine tear-down and parts evaluation

Fundamentals of keeping your LO206 race engine legal

***NOT an Official Briggs Tech Certification***

To Sign-Up, contact Brian Carlson:

Phone: 765-339-4407


***These trainings are offered through our OVKA Swap Meet Partners but are not organized or conducted by the OVKA***