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2020 OVKA Rulebook

Briggs LO206 Engine Rule set follow the 2020 Briggs LO206 United States Rule Set

2020 OVKA Tech Team
Head Tech Director - Ted Cradlebaugh
Assistant Tech Director - Ron Swift

Tech Corner Updates

April 3, 2019 - Change to two-cycle oil/fuel requirements.
Beginning race 4, the OVKA tech team will only be using 8 oz of Redline Two-Stroke Kart Oil or 4oz Burris Blend + 4oz Burris Castor per gallon as a baseline with the OVKA Spec fuel. Redline makes additional lines of 2 stroke oils, which will not be based lined. All racers are HIGHLY encouraged to change their Redline oils to Two-Stroke Kart Oil, and not use the other lines. After race #3 the Tech team will not baseline the spec fuel with the Redline Two-Stroke Oil (labeled without Kart). This change was voted on last night by the Board of Directors and approved.

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