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2017 OVKA Tech Team
Head Tech Director - T.B.A.
Assistant Tech Director - T.B.A.

Tech Corner Updates
TECH UPDATE – 4 Cycle Fuel – 06/07/17
OVKA and G&J Kartway have installed a fuel tank at G&J Kartway to dispense fuel for the 4-Cycle classes at OVKA events. This fuel is 91 Octane Non-Ethanol and will be sold for $4.00 per gallon. It must be purchased at registration and dispensed on race day. This fuel is required for all 4-Cycle classes beginning with OVKA Race #6 and tech will be performed. This is a benefit to our racers so they don't need to travel to purchase fuel and all fuel will be from the same source.

Tire rules starting with OVKA Race #3 for 2017 will allow Bridgestone YLC and YLM tires. Each driver/entrant will be allowed six new sets for the remaining twelve races of the 2017 season. These tires will be marked and must be reused once the six new sets are used. You are free to manage your tire usage as you wish, but you will only be allowed six new sets for the remainder of the season.

93 octane fuel must be purchased at pump #1 at BP in Camden on race day. Leftover fuel from previous race days and fuel purchased from any other source may not pass technical inspection and will result in disqualification if it fails.

2016 helmet rules will be allowed through OVKA Race #4 for 2017. 2017 Helmet rules will be enforced beginning at OVKA Race #5 for 2017. If you’re helmet does not meet 2017 requirements at OVKA Race #5 for 2017, you will not be permitted to enter the event.

Rule 706: There is NO driving or riding of any type of vehicle in the pits during any O.V.K.A event, unleashed pets or any other form of unauthorized vehicles are NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME in the pits. Handicap vehicles permitted.

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