CALL TO ORDER: President Randy Vermillion called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Ramada Inn Middletown. 


OPENING REMARKS: Randy Vermillion welcomed everyone in attendance and asked that cell phones be turned off or placed on vibrate mode.


SECRETARYS' REPORT: Lynda Coombs made a motion to accept the October minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by Max Viney and passed unanimously. 


TREASURERS' REPORT: Gary Gregg provided an update on finances on behalf of the Treasurer.  Gregg reported the Swap Meet contract has been received.



TRACK IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE: Max Viney discussed anticipated concrete needs for installation of turtles, installation process and design.  Gary Gregg will contact the local concrete company for pricing.  The matter was table until next month.  Ray McKibben offered to provide digging equipment.  A work crew is being formed to complete turtle installation.  Volunteers should contact Viney.


RULES COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs reported the Rules Committee met for approximately fifteen hours over three days.  He presented the Board with topics discussed and recommendations of the committee.  Coombs explained the recommendation involving the membership policy needs to be voted on tonight in order for the membership application to be included in the upcoming annual mailing, which will be sent out soon.  Lynda Coombs distributed a draft 2008 membership application and explained the recommended policy change from the Rules Committee involves eighteen-old-drivers having their own membership.  Gary Gregg suggested if the minor turns eighteen during the season, they be required to sign a form and no additional fee be charged.  They would then take out their own membership the following season.  Rick Coombs made a motion to approve the revised 2008 membership policy and form.  The motion was seconded by Hal Thornton and passed unanimously.  Rick Coombs asked the Board to review the committee recommendations and be prepared to discuss them at the December meeting. 


BANQUET COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs reported trophies and plaques have been ordered for the upcoming banquet Saturday, January 12, 2008 at Kings Island Resort and Conference Center.  The annual mailing will be going out soon and help will be needed at the banquet registration tables.  Coombs discussed the need for armbands in order to keep track of banquet attendance.  He explained the facility sets tables according to the number of meals ordered.  In previous years, there have been discrepancies with the facilities due to no method of monitoring the number of tickets purchased.  Randy Vermillion stated it is not fair for people to take table space from others who purchased a ticket.  Following discussion, Doug Stempfley made a motion to require purchase of a banquet ticket in order to be admitted.  The motion was seconded by Toshiya Michimi and passed with eleven in favor and three opposed. 


SWAP MEET: Dennis Queary reported Swap Meet flyers have been sent out and registrations for tables have started coming in.  The cutoff date to keep your same table from last year is December 20, 2007.  Flyers are available for distribution for anyone who would like some.  Information is available on the OVKA website and an ad has been placed in National Kart News.  Queary discussed the need for a crew of volunteers to staff the gate in order to avoid having to hire people.  Volunteers receive a participation credit and should contact Queary to sign up.  The Swap Meet will be held Saturday, February 2, 2008, at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield. 


SHOWS & PROMOTIONS: Randy Vermillion reported Kart Expo will be held in Schaumburg, Illinois near Chicago on Saturday and Sunday February 23 and 24, 2008.  Volunteers will be needed to staff the OVKA booth and should contact Lynda Coombs to sign up.  Vermillion explained the Cincinnati Cavalcade of Customs Show has moved their dates to March 14 though 16, 2008.  Max Viney is coordinating volunteers for this event.  Vermillion said Toshiya Michimi is working on redesigning the OVKA tri-fold brochure and will provide some updated photos for the show booth.   




2008 SCHEDULE: Randy Vermillion explained he has been unable to get confirmation of 2008 dates from New Castle Motorsports.  At this time, it is unknown when dates there can be secured.  Gary Gregg is willing to hold the two dates in question at G & J Kartway if New Castle does not work out.  Hal Thornton questioned why it is necessary to go to New Castle at all.  Vermillion explained every attempt is being made to be responsive to the information collected from the racers.  Ray McKibben made a motion to change the proposed New Castle dates to Saturday evening events at G & J Kartway.  Jeff Powers stated he wants to go to New Castle.  Don Lawson suggested holding one event at New Castle.  Following further discussion, McKibben withdrew his motion.  Rick Coombs explained away events are typically not as revenue producing due to lower kart counts.  JoAnne Hartings pointed out one of the 2007 New Castle events had the highest kart count of the season.  Coombs asked what impact increased fuel costs may have on people wanting to travel.  Powers made a motion to move the two New Castle events to Camden for the same weekends.  The motion was seconded by Doug Stempfley.  Following discussion, Powers withdrew his motion.  Lynda Coombs explained in order to have the 2008 schedule and class structure in the Midwest Karting, the information needs to be submitted by mid-December.  Vermillion will continue to work with New Castle and report back at the December board meeting.  Doug Benson suggested printing “to be announced” in the schedule if necessary to which Gregg agreed.  Don Boles said he would like to see some Saturday races on a Sunday schedule.  Vermillion responded this caused an issue for quite a few people who work on Saturday.  Hal Thornton said he would like there to be more Saturday evening races on the schedule.  Lightning needs for the new track addition were discussed.  Gregg said the section will need at least two lights.  Vermillion discussed a proposed change to the start time of race day as a way to provide more track time for racers.  Options were discussed and the matter was tabled.


2008 CLASS STRUCTURE: Randy Vermillion explained the class structure needs to be decided along with the 2008 schedule by the next board meeting.  Rick Coombs stated the new track section will add to the overall lap length, which needs to be taken into consideration.  Jeff Powers asked about including a Junior HPV class.  Toshiya Michimi noted currently there is only one junior class.  Vermillion reviewed 2007 class statistics.  Tim Reed asked if the goal is to shorten race day.  Vermillion responded the goal is to increase the number of laps, which the racers have been asking for.  Scott Benson expressed concern about adding classes based on hearsay.  Hal Thornton suggested the classes with low participation be dropped.  Gerald Whaling said to move this club forward, it would need to be run like a dictatorship and do away with smaller classes.  Gary Gregg said he knows of another track owner who requires new classes to pay for the entire season ahead of time.  Don Boles pointed out there will be a learning curve with the new track addition.  Following discussion of many options, the matter was tabled.   



OVKA LOGO: The board reviewed a redesigned OVKA logo created by Scott Benson.  Following discussion, JoAnne Hartings made a motion to modify the OVKA to the new design presented with a black driving suit.  The motion was seconded by Rick Coombs and passed with thirteen in favor and one abstained.  Randy Vermillion thanked Benson for all of his efforts.  Benson will collaborate with the trophy and apparel companies.


DARF BANQUET: Randy Vermillion reported the annual DARF banquet will be Saturday, December 1, 2007.  Four OVKA class champions will be recognized.



TIRES: Toshiya Michimi asked what happened to the conversation about tires.  Randy Vermillion responded OVKA has a three-year commitment with Dunlop, which carries through 2009. 


EXHIBITION RACE: Ray McKibben reported he has talked with a person who has expressed interest in having a vintage kart exhibition race.  Randy Vermillion responded it would be necessary to discuss the matter with WKA and the insurance provider.  Vermillion said he would prefer to have the group work with Gary Gregg directly.


ADJOURNMENT: Nick Ouwerkerk made a motion to adjourn at 9:45 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Max Viney and passed unanimously.


NEXT BOARD MEETING: 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 4, 2007, at Ramada Inn Middletown, 6147 West State Route 122, Franklin, Ohio (east side of I-75).


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: T. Bell, D. Benson, D. Boles, R. Coombs, T. Cradlebaugh, G. Gregg, J. Hartings, R. Landes, M. Lewis, T. Michimi, D. Queary, D. Stempfley, H. Thornton, R. Vermillion and M. Viney.


MEMBERS / VISITORS PRESENT: S. Benson, L. Coombs, K. Fogt, A.R. Gardner, D. Lawson, R. McKibben, N. Ouwerkerk, Randall Potter, Randy Potter, T. Reed, P. Robbins, H. Rumsey, L. Vermillion, R.J. Vermillion, G. Whaling, and B. Williams.


Respectfully submitted by Lynda Coombs, OVKA Secretary, 11/24/07.