CALL TO ORDER: President Randy Vermillion called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. at Ramada Inn Middletown. 


OPENING REMARKS: Randy Vermillion welcomed everyone in attendance and asked that cell phones be turned off or placed on vibrate mode.


SECRETARYS' REPORT: Lynda Coombs made a motion to accept the September minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by Don Boles and passed unanimously.  Coombs asked if the board wants to hold a regular board meeting in January since the date will be four days before the general memebrship meeting at the banquet.  Consensus of the board was to forego a separate board meeting in January and conduct all business at the general membership meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2008, prior to the banquet.





TRACK IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE: Max Viney presented a sketch and reported he has been working with Mark Brown on design and cost of turtles for the track expansion.  Rick Coombs provided an update on the finishing touches of the track expansion.  He explained seeding is complete, mulching began today and the edges will be built up this spring once the ground has settled.  Doug Benson asked if the committee’s work is finished.  Viney explained the Track Improvement Committee will continue to address more ideas.


RULES COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs explained the purpose of the general rules meeting is to collect ideas, thoughts and suggestions for the next racing season.  This general meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, October 6, 2007, at G & J Kartway.  Coombs asked that suggestions be emailed to him at RC3156@aol.com or by phone at 513-726-4816.  The first committee meeting will be at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, October 20, 2007, at G & J Kartway.  Persons interested in being a part of this work group should contact Coombs.  He reminded the board that the 2008 race schedule and class structure are developed and voted on independent of the rulebook so this information can be publicized during the off-season. 


BANQUET COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs reviewed the classes that did not meet the minimum 4.0 average required to be eligible for year-end awards.  Randy Vermillion pointed out that sportsman-age classes traditionally have received a trophy regardless of class average as long as the driver had 50% minimum participation.  Following discussion, Ted Cradlebaugh made a motion to provide first and second place awards for the Shifter, Junior Briggs and Sportsman Briggs classes.  The motion was seconded by Don Boles.  Coombs amended the motion to bump the averages to the 4.0 level, which provides first place awards only.  The amendment was seconded by Toshiya Michimi and passed with five in favor, three opposed and one abstained.  The original motion was then voted on and passed with seven in favor, one opposed and one abstained.


SWAP MEET: Dennis Queary reported the Swap Meet flyer is expected back from the printer by the end of the week and will be sent out.  Flyers will be available for anyone who would like to distribute them.  The cut-off date to reserve the same spot you had last year is December 15, 2007.  Randy Vermillion reported an ad has been placed in National Kart News publicizing a vintage kart show at the Swap Meet.  The Swap Meet will be held Saturday, February 2, 2008, at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield. 


SHOWS & PROMOTIONS: Randy Vermillion thanked Toshiya Michimi for agreeing to redesign the OVKA promotional materials.  Doug Benson asked if there is interest in updating the OVKA logo and offered to present a redesign his brother has done.  Tim Bell said over the years consensus has been to not lose the flavor of the logo by going to something totally different.  Benson will send the design to Vermillion for future discussion.  Max Viney reported he will follow up on details of the Cavalcade of Customs Show held in Cincinnati in January.  Vermillion asked Viney to make clear the space requirements for Cavalcade as last year not enough space was provided.  Viney stated a 20’ by 20’ is needed.  Vermillion would like to have some new pictures for display on the OVKA booth.  Viney reported he will be promoting OVKA at an upcoming autocross event at the Nutter Center in Dayton.  Vermillion explained with OVKA being a volunteer-run organization, the expectation is for everyone to in some way assist with promoting the club.  He said this can be done by keeping OVKA literature on hand and passing it out when the opportunity presents itself or by going to shows in your community.  Vermillion asked that people make a commitment to do just this during the off-season and challenged board members to take the lead on this.  Vermillion stated with the new track expansion, this is a great time to be promoting the organization.


SPONSORSHIPS: Randy Vermillion reported he continues to look for someone to chair the Sponsorship Committee, which he has coordinated the past few years.  Sponsorship packages will be discussed by the Rules Committee and once finalized, information needs to be sent out to former and potential sponsors.  Vermillion asked that names of potential sponsors be forwarded to him. 



PARTICIPATION CREDITS: Lynda Coombs reminded everyone that participation credits can be transferred until October 31, 2007. 


2008 SCHEDULE: Randy Vermillion presented a first draft of the 2008 schedule.  Gerald Whaling made a motion to do away with all away races and stay at Camden.  Due to the lack of a second, the motion died.  Vermillion reported WKA’s Man Cup and Gold Cup schedules have been received and the GLSS schedule is unknown at this time.  Vermillion explained it is unknown when New Castle will be able to confirm any dates for us to race there.  Following discussion of qualifying, night races, away races, number of warm-up sessions and configurations, the schedule was tabled until next month so changes can be made per the suggestions.


TIRES: Randy Vermillion reported WKA distributed a handout at New Castle, which specifies Bridgestone tires for the 2008 Man Cup, and Circleville is looking at their options.



2008 MEMBERSHIP FEE: Randy Vermillion explained that in order for the 2008 membership application to be included in the upcoming annual mailing, a decision needs to be made about whether to make any adjustment to the fee.  Following discussion, consensus of the board was to leave the fee the same. 


2008 CLASS STRUCTURE: Randy Vermillion discussed the need for the board to decide the 2008 class structure so it can be included in off-season publicity.  The Rules Committee will discuss this at their upcoming meeting and Vermillion asked the board to be prepared to address the matter next month.



MEMBER UPDATE: Carlson Bogan reported Ron Wilmath is recovering at home.  On behalf of OVKA, Randy Vermillion extended wishes for Ron’s continued recovery.


ADJOURNMENT TO EXECUTIVE SESSION: Randy Vermillion made a motion to adjourn to executive session at 9:30 p.m.  Tim Bell seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: Having been nominated last month, Ted Cradlebaugh and Dennis Queary were unanimously elected to the OVKA Board of Directors.


ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn at 9:40 p.m. was made by Tim Bell, seconded by Hal Thornton and passed unanimously.


NEXT BOARD MEETING: 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 6, 2007, at Ramada Inn Middletown, 6147 West State Route 122, Franklin, Ohio (east side of I-75).


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: T. Bell, D. Benson, D. Boles, R. Coombs, R. Landes, M. Lewis, T. Michimi, H. Thornton, R. Vermillion and M. Viney.


MEMBERS / VISITORS PRESENT: C. Bogan, L. Coombs, T. Cradlebaugh, R. McKibben, Randall Potter, Randy Potter, D. Queary, R.J. Vermillion, G. Whaling, and B. Williams.


Respectfully submitted by Lynda Coombs, OVKA Secretary, 10/21/07.