CALL TO ORDER: President Randy Vermillion called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. at G & J Kartway in Camden, Ohio. 


OPENING REMARKS: Randy Vermillion explained this board meeting was rescheduled from Tuesday, February 6, 2007 due to inclement weather.  Ramada Inn was not available for several weeks so the meeting was relocated to Camden.  Vermillion reminded attendees to turn cell phones off or on vibrate.  Vermillion reported he presented Nick Ouwerkerk with a Lifetime Member jacket at the Swap Meet.  This award was initially presented at the banquet last month, which Ouwerkerk was unable to attend.  An official presentation will take place at the next board meeting where Ouwerkerk is in attendance.


SECRETARYS' REPORT: Lynda Whitaker made a motion to accept the January 2, 2007 regular board meeting minutes and January 20, 2007 annual general membership meeting minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by Max Viney and passed unanimously.  Whitaker read a thank you from Gary and Elaine Gregg for the gifts presented to them at the banquet.   


TREASURERS' REPORT: Gary Gregg provided an update on finances.  He reported expenditures for the Swap Meet were higher this year due to having to hire people to work the gate and additional security. 



TRACK IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE: Max Viney explained alterations had to be made to the initial track design due to space constraints.  He reported the Track Improvement Committee will be getting together February 14. 2007 to finalize a design.  The committee will then meet at Camden to stake the design and discuss it with Gary Gregg.  Once Gregg has approved the design, Bret Campbell will obtain cost estimates after which the design and estimates will be presented to the board.  Viney said there is a 25-day period this summer during which time the work could be started.


BANQUET COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs asked for feedback on the banquet last month and reported on expenditures.  Hal Thornton said he liked the kart number being on the logo on the plaques.  Toshiya Michimi extended his appreciation for including pizza on the menu for the kids.  Randy Vermillion said the food was plentiful and was high quality.  Coombs made a motion to appropriate $1,000 for the deposit at Kings Island Resort and Conference Center for the 2007 banquet.  Max Viney seconded the motion which passed with 8 in favor and 1 abstained.  Lynda Whitaker reported it may be necessary to change the banquet date to the second weekend in January 2008 as the third weekend may already be booked.


SWAP MEET COMMITTEE:  Randy Vermillion thanked Tim Bussen, Gary Gregg and Jeff Morningstar for all of their efforts in coordinating the annual Swap Meet.  Vermillion also thanked the 17 OVKA members who helped work at the gates, show booth and with set up and tear down.  He explained it was necessary to pay 7 non-members to work the gates and said he was disappointed we were not able to get our own membership to fill out the gate positions.  Gregg said help with be needed next year in securing presenters for seminars.  Gregg extended special thanks to Tim Bussen for all of his efforts over many years coordinating the Swap Meet.  Bussen will no longer be serving in this capacity.  Gregg said someone will be needed to fill this position, which is a very large job.  He explained preparations for the Swap Meet typically begin in October and he would like someone who is willing to take it on for more than one year.  Vermillion reported the tire raffle was won by a new OVKA racer. 


SPONSORSHIP / PIT SPOTS:  Randy Vermillion said he would like to get a date set for the newly formed Sponsorship Committee to meet.  Committee members include Don Boles, JoAnne Hartings, Ray McKibben and Toshiya Michimi.  Deadline for pit spot renewal will be April 1, 2007 in order to keep your 2006 spot.  After this date, any unpaid spots will be released. The pit spot application will be updated and posted on the OVKA website soon.  Payments should be mailed to Hal Thornton.


SHOWS & PROMOTIONS: Randy Vermillion thanked Max Viney for coordinating the volunteer schedule for the recent Cavalcade of Customs Show in Cincinnati.  This show takes a lot of work over a four-day period to set up, staff the booth and tear down.  A total of 23 OVKA members volunteered their time for this very important event.  Vermillion explained this show provides the greatest opportunity to promote OVKA.  This year’s show was very well attended and there was a lot of interest in the club.  Vermillion said within the next month, he plans to form a committee for Shows and Promotions, which he would like to be a mix of both board members and general members.  He said OVKA needs to be well represented in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas as well as other communities.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, let Vermillion know otherwise, he will appoint a committee in the near future.  Lynda Whitaker reported badges for the Kart Marketing International Show have been ordered for those who signed up to work and will be available at the show in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Whitaker will distribute volunteer schedules and seminar schedules at the close of this evening’s meeting.  Vermillion stated for the sake of clarification, expenditures for this event involve the cost of booth space, literature and marketing (candy). All other travel-related expenses are absorbed by the individuals themselves.  Max Viney reported the Dayton Auto Racing Fans annual Toys for Kids Show will be held March 10th and 11th at Lang’s Chevrolet in Beavercreek, Ohio.    Volunteers will be needed for both days and a participation credit will be earned for working a four-hour shift.  Contact Viney if you can help.


RULES COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs explained a second draft of the 2007 rulebook was emailed to the board for review prior to this meeting.  Copies of the changes were distributed.  An issue that was presented to Randy Vermillion was whether the club would allow non-members to compete in OVKA events on non-spec tires.  Don Boles responded he does not think it should be done for all classes but since the TaG class needs to grow, it should be allowed for that class only.  Tim Bell responded that wherever you go, such as the Great Lakes Sprint Series or WKA events, racers are required to run the required tires and he thinks it is a bad idea.  JoAnne Hartings said that the congeniality of offering loaner tires should be as far as the club goes.  Vermillion discussed the purpose of establishing a Senior Novice Yamaha class was to have a place for new senior drivers to gain experience.  It was not intended to be a points class but was later turned into that which made it undesirable for racers to want to move out of that class.  Vermillion reported a request was made by the parent of a 14-year-old driver to allow the driver to move into a senior class due to weight.  An email response from WKA said that while they would not grant a waiver, the club can adjust its own rules then submit a local option class proposal for consideration.  Vermillion stated if this is done for one driver, it would need to be done for others.  Further discussion included whether a 13-year-old driver could remain in a sportsman-age class and a suggestion to change the senior age to 18-years-old.  Following discussion, it was the consensus of the board to not alter the rules.  Don Boles made a motion to require participants earn two participation credits (Ps) above and beyond their participation level in order to be eligible for any year-end prizes.  The motion was seconded by Hal Thornton.  Coombs amended the motion to table the matter until next month.  The amendment was seconded by Randy Landes and passed with 5 in favor and 3 opposed.  Coombs said the 2007 rulebook will need to be voted on at the March board meeting.





CLEAN-UP DAY: Randy Vermillion reminded everyone volunteers will be needed for the clean-up day on Saturday, April 7, 2007, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 


DRIVING SCHOOL: Randy Vermillion reported Tim Reed has agreed to coordinate the driving school with the assistance of Don Boles and Max Viney.  The driving school will be held Saturday, April 14, 2007, from noon until 6:00 p.m.



FUN RACE: Randy Vermillion discussed an anticipated shortage of workers at the Fun Race, Saturday, September 22, 2007 due to a conflict with another event.  Hal Thornton suggested to start advertising early and let other volunteers step up.  Tim Bell said if there is a chance it would be cancelled, it would be best to do it now.  Vermillion made a motion to drop the Fun Race.  The motion was seconded by Don Boles and passed unanimously. 


NEXT BOARD MEETING: 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 6, 2007, at Ramada Inn Middletown, 6147 West State Route 122, Franklin, Ohio (east side of I-75).


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: T. Bell, D. Boles, R. Coombs, G. Gregg, J. Hartings, R. Landes, T. Michimi,

H. Thornton, R. Vermillion, and M. Viney.


MEMBERS / VISITORS PRESENT: K. McKibben, S. McKibben, Randall Potter, Randy Potter, P. Robbins and L. Whitaker.


Respectfully submitted by Lynda Whitaker, OVKA Secretary, 2/26/07.