CALL TO ORDER: President Randy Vermillion called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. at Ramada Inn, Middletown, Ohio.


OPENING REMARKS: Randy Vermillion welcomed attendees and asked that everyone sign in and keep cell phones turned off or on vibrate.


SECRETARYS' REPORT: Lynda Whitaker made a motion to accept the July minutes with a corrected next meeting date.The motion was seconded by Rick Coombs and passed unanimously.





RULES COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs explained that the Rules Committee will start meeting at the conclusion of the season.The general membership is encouraged to come to the first meeting to share their thoughts and ideas.Suggestions may be emailed ahead of time to Coombs at RC3156@aol.com.


SHOWS & PROMOTIONS: Randy Vermillion reported that the show booth either needs replaced or extensive repairs in order to be ready for off-season promotional events.Steve Smith asked if funds should be appropriated tonight to which Mark Lewis suggested obtaining pricing first.Vermillion said he would like to include more pictures and the series schedule on the booth.Don Boles pointed out that the booth is all about showcasing the organization and suggested a television display be a part of it.Vermillion will follow up with Bill Soares who has been filming OVKA events this season.†† The matter was tabled.Ted Cradlebaugh suggested including some video footage on the OVKA website to which Doug Stempfley responded he can do that.Max Viney asked that people provide Stempfley with digital footage.Cradlebaugh recommended participating in local car shows such as the one held in Germantown.Vermillion replied that OVKA literature is available to persons interested in distributing it at promotional opportunities in their communities.Tim Bell inquired about contacting Kentucky Speedway.Nick Ouwerkerk offered to check into it.


TRACK IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE: Max Viney outlined the types of cracks in the track and said Bret Campbell will obtain an estimate to repair them.The committee will hold another meeting next week to discuss lengthening the track and beautification of the facility.Randy Vermillion inquired if the committee is looking at other repairs such as gates and fences to which Viney responded they are.



NIGHT LIGHTING: Randy Vermillion thanked everyone who helped arrange for and set up the lights for the night races.A special thanks was extended to Tim Bell, Ray McKibben and Herman Tholen for all of their efforts.Tholen will obtain the lights for the last night race on August 19th.Vermillion said a crew will be needed to assist with set up for this race.


EMT VS. AMBULANCE AT CIRCLEVILLE: Randy Vermillion reported that Steve Tatman did not agree to split the ambulance expense at Circleville.Tim Bell asked if Tatman would allow the club to rent pit spots in order to raise funds as is done at G & J.Gerald Whaling made a motion to move the last Circleville race to Camden.The motion was seconded by Hal Thornton and failed with 9 opposed and 2 in favor.Vermillion said this issue needs to be considered as the 2007 schedule is planned.


2007 SCHEDULE: Lynda Whitaker reported she has contacted WKA, the Great Lakes Sprint Series and Midwest Sprint Series to obtain information about their schedules for 2007.WKA expects to have their 2007 schedule available in the next couple of weeks.Whitaker will report back next month.Randy Vermillion explained that it is impossible to schedule around everyone else and there may be some overlap.Vermillion anticipates presenting a draft schedule next month.


NEW CASTLE RACE #8 (SAT., 7/8/06): In follow up to last month, Randy Vermillion explained he conducted some research into a situation in the Junior Briggs class where a participant did not report to post-tech.Due to an error by club staff, the driverís absence in post-tech was overlooked.Vermillion said he felt it proper to disqualify the driver who was not there and has discussed the matter with the driver and parent.



G & J RACE #9 (SAT, 7/22/06): Randy Vermillion reported on a situation that occurred at race #9 that resulted in the disqualifications of four drivers in the Senior Briggs Animal class.Following discussion, Nick Ouwerkerk made a motion to place all four drivers involved in the July 22, 2006 situation on a four race probation period for the remainder of this year.The motion was seconded by Max Viney and passed with 6 in favor, 4 opposed and 1 abstained.


TIRES: Randy Vermillion said the board needs to start thinking about tire specifications for next season.Nick Ouwerkerk asked the board what criteria they want to use to make this decision.Ouwerkerk reviewed pros and cons of Dunlop, Bridgestone and Vega tires.Vermillion reported Circleville plans to stay with Vega tires and New Castle plans to follow WKA tire specifications.Ray McKibben said consideration should be given to the cost to the karters and he would rather pay a little more up front for tires that will last longer.The matter was tabled pending further research.

COMPUTERS: Lynda Whitaker explained that three years ago Mike Velten said there would come a time we would want to look at updating our laptops.Both computers have reached a point they are crashing during races as they have to hold more data.This becomes more of an issue the farther we get into the season.Pricing has been obtained through our software provider for two new laptops which would allow us to use what is now the primary computer for doing driverís meeting notes and other typing and also have a backup computer.Whitaker made a motion to appropriate up to $2,400 to purchase two laptops as speced out by LRCS.The motion was seconded by Nick Ouwerkerk.Mark Lewis amended the motion to table the matter and think about it one month.The amendment was seconded by Hal Thornton and failed with 8 opposed and 3 in favor.Whitakerís motion was then voted on and passed with 9 in favor, 1 opposed and 1 abstained.


BOARD MEMBER RESIGNATION: Randy Vermillion reported it is with regret he accepted the resignation of Steve Rumsey from the Board of Directors.Vermillion thanked Rumsey for his dedication to the organization and all he has done to be of assistance.


BOARD MEMBER NOMINATION: Randy Vermillion nominated Doug Benson to the OVKA Board of Directors.This nomination will be voted on next month.



POINTS SPREADSHEET: Tim Bell said he likes the new points spreadsheet on the OVKA website and thanked Doug Stempfley for his time and effort in putting this together.


PUMPKIN CARVING / DECORATING CONTEST: Steve Smith will once again coordinate a pumpkin decorating / carving contest at our last event, Sunday, October 1, 2006.EMTs will be the judges with prizes awarded for first, second and third place.Smith will provide flyers at an upcoming race.


WEBSITE PICTURES: Tim Bell said he would like to see pictures from previous seasons on the OVKA website.


RACE FOR RILEY: Max Viney reported on a fundraising event at New Castle Motorsports tomorrow which raises funds for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.Viney said a number of OVKA karters will be participating in this event.


NEXT MEETING: 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 5, 2006, at Ramada Inn Middletown, 6147 West State Route 122, Franklin, OH (east side of I-75)


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: T. Bell, D. Boles, R. Coombs, G. Gregg, J. Hartings, M. Lewis, N. Ouwerkerk, S. Smith,

D. Stempfley, II, H. Thornton, R. Vermillion, and M. Viney.


MEMBERS / VISITORS PRESENT: D. Benson, C. Bogan, O. Cohen, T. Cradlebaugh,K. McKibben, R. McKibben, S. McKibben, Randall Potter, Randy Potter, D. Stempfley, G. Whaling, L. Whitaker and B. Williams.


Respectfully submitted by Lynda Whitaker, OVKA Secretary, 9/3/06.††††††