TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2006



CALL TO ORDER: President Randy Vermillion called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at Ramada Inn, Middletown, Ohio. 


OPENING REMARKS: Randy Vermillion thanked everyone for coming and asked that cell phones be turned off or on vibrate mode. 


SECRETARYS' REPORT: Lynda Whitaker made a motion to accept the April minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by Steve Smith and passed with 7 in favor and 2 abstained. 


TREASURERS' REPORT: Gary Gregg provided an update on finances.   



CHAMP RACE: Rick Coombs explained there is the need for someone to pull together details for the Champ Race and coordinate the meal and activities the day of the event.  Hal Thornton will check with Carolyn.  Tim Bell reported that Powers Catering has submitted a bid and will hold the same price as last year.  Bell made a motion to have Powers Catering provide the meal for the Champ Race.  The motion was seconded by Max Viney and passed with 8 in favor, I opposed and 1 abstained. 


RULES COMMITTEE: On behalf of Tim Bussen, Randy Vermillion explained there is interest by eight to ten Circleville TaG participants in racing with OVKA at the upcoming Circleville event if they can run their Vega tires.  Vermillion said that Circleville allows our members to race with their club then kick through the scales at the conclusion of the event thereby disqualifying themselves.  Rick Coombs responded that our rules require the use of Dunlop tires for all but the Shifter and Kid Kart classes and that if allowed at Circleville, should also be allowed at New Castle.  Hal Thornton said that if this is allowed for the TaG class, other classes will want to do the same.  Vermillion stated that New Castle requires the use of their tires.  Gerald Whaling said this should be addressed like a business and looked at as an additional eight to ten entries.  Doug Stempfley, II stated we should treat Circleville as they treat OVKA.  Orie Cohen suggested opening up tires to all the classes, not just TaG.  Following further discussion, Steve Smith made a motion to invite the Circleville TaG class to race this one time with OVKA on their Vega tires.  The motion was seconded by Max Viney.  Mark Lewis amended the motion to open the tire rule up to all classes that OVKA offers for the first Circleville race.  The amendment was seconded by Steve Rumsey and passed with 6 in favor and 4 opposed.  Smith’s motion was then voted on and passed with 7 in favor, 2 opposed and 1 abstained.  Viney pointed out that those using Vega tires will be disqualified for the day at the conclusion of the event.  Vermillion will inform Steve Tatman of this board decision.  Vermillion asked the board to start thinking about next year’s rules for the Senior Novice Yamaha class.  He explained this class initially was designed to give new racers a place to learn to drive to get them ready to move up and was not intended to be a points class.  Rumsey said moving out of the class should be based on improvement, not on length of time spent in the class.  Don Boles agreed the matter needs to be looked at for next year.


SPONSORSHIP / PIT SPOTS: Randy Vermillion reported there are a number of pit spots still available.  He explained there is the need to reconfigure some of them as they are leveled. 


SHOWS & PROMOTIONS: Nick Ouwerkerk reported the Arthritis Foundation Mini Grand Prix will be held August 26th and 27th at the Kentucky Speedway.  They may want to rent our timing system and will need a couple of people to run it.  Randy Vermillion will check into who might be available.  Vermillion said only one person has volunteered to work at the Springfield Car & Parts Show over Memorial Day weekend.  Since this is not adequate to staff the show booth over four days, OVKA will be unable to participate this year. 



2006 WORKERS:  Lynda Whitaker presented a worker sign up sheet and asked for volunteers to sign up in advance.  She explained corner workers continue to be a challenge to find.  Toshiya Michimi suggested the Rookie Class be assigned a race date to provide workers.  Randy Vermillion recommended the Rookie Class be scheduled for May 7th and September 17th.  Vermillion pointed out that the Kid Kart class was inadvertently omitted from one date in the rulebook and should be added to the October 1st race to provide workers.


DUNLOP TIRES: Randy Vermillion reported he conducted some research regarding the availability of Dunlop tires and found they are available through a number of suppliers.  The club’s three-year spec tire commitment to Dunlop will be fulfilled at the end of this racing season.  Vermillion asked the board to be giving consideration to next year’s tire requirement which will be discussed later this year.


COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Lynda Whitaker explained that the new computer software does not upload to Mylaps.  Lap times are now displayed on the OVKA website. 


ROOKIE CLASS: Randy Vermillion asked for feedback regarding how people feel the new Rookie Class is going.  Steve Smith said he has seen a dramatic time difference among some racers and thinks some of the Sportsman Yamaha karts should be slowed down.  Ray McKibben responded there are three issues to consider: lap times, driving skill and the driver themselves – are they ready to race?  He believes the Rookie Class is a good way to introduce kids to racing.  Smith stated he thought gear or weight was going to be added to the ones running fast.  Vermillion explained the class will continue to be monitored by the board.



D & O INSURANCE: Lynda Whitaker made a motion to appropriate $1,248 for renewal of the D & O insurance policy.  The motion was seconded by Hal Thornton and passed unanimously.


KARTING DOCUMENTARY:  Visitor, Bill Soares, who has a background in film making, asked for the board’s permission to spend the season filming OVKA events which will ultimately become part of a video series.  He intends to produce six episodes as an introduction to karting to be distributed by way of retail sales, the internet, broadcast/cable/satellite television and promotional give-a-ways.  He explained the purpose of this project is to promote the sport of karting, inform and entertain potential new participants in the sport of karting, inform and entertain current participants that my have a limited view of their sport, include family members and friends in the sport, expand public awareness of the project’s sponsors, advertisers and investors and to produce increased business and profits for the project’s sponsors, advertisers and investors.  He said direct benefits to OVKA include: a video record of the 2006 season, member access to high resolution video files of selected races, video promotional material and additional promotion of OVKA in the series along with the marketing of the series.  He asked for OVKA to: approve access to OVKA as the people, equipment and races that are the sport of karting and allow him to record interviews and events that tell the story of OVKA kart racing in own words and actions.  Soares said that distribution is anticipated in November or December.  Following discussion, a motion was made by Steve Smith to invite Bill Soares to all OVKA events and provide his gate pass each event.  The motion was seconded by Nick Ouwerkerk and passed unanimously.


FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS: Randy Vermillion reviewed facility improvements that have been made recently including grading some of the pit areas, painting the scoring tower ceiling and caulking the tower windows, painting of the turtles, grid and pit spots, installing new cones and a flagpole is in the works.  He said these types of things are vital to maintaining the facility.  There are larger improvements that some members have told him they would like to see such as updated restrooms, enlarging the track, signage and enhancing the overall appearance.  Vermillion explained these types of improvements require a great deal of preparation and funding.  He asked that the recommendations of the Future Planning Committee be revisited and a plan be developed to move forward with improvements.  Tim Bell reminded the board there are lights available from Steve Tatman that need to be transported from Circleville.  Bell will assist with this.



ROOKIE CLASS: Gary Gregg made a motion to allow 7-year-old Kid Kart drivers to participate in the new Rookie Class using a 50cc Comer unrestricted engine on a Kid Kart chassis with no minimum weight if approved by WKA.  Doug Stempfley, II said Kid Karts are a learning class and he thinks they should stay there.  Steve Rumsey responded he thinks it is good to give them the option.   Gregg’s motion was seconded by Rick Coombs and passed with 6 in favor and 5 opposed.  Lynda Whitaker will email the request to WKA.


CONTEST: Rick Coombs suggested having a trash can painting contest with prizes awarded.  Judging could be done by the EMT’s at the Champ Race.  Cans would need to be turned in by Saturday evening, June 24th.  Participants need to provide the paint and no profanity or vulgar language permitted.  A flyer will need to be made.


OVKA HALL OF FAME: Orie Cohen asked how someone can be nominated to the OVKA Hall of Fame.  Randy Vermillion responded nominations can be submitted to the board provided they meet the criteria established.  A copy of the criteria can be obtained from Lynda Whitaker.


SIGNAGE: Ray McKibben reported about the difficulty people have locating G & J Kartway and asked what can be done to improve signage.  Gary Gregg responded there are signs but they don’t stand out well and agreed to check into the matter.


ADJOURNMENT: Randy Vermillion made a motion to adjourn to executive session at 9:48 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Tim Bell and passed unanimously.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: Having been nominated last month, JoAnne Hartings was unanimously voted to the OVKA Board of Directors.  Executive session was adjourned at 9:52 p.m.


NEXT MEETING: 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 6, 2006, at Ramada Inn Middletown, 6147 West State Route 122, Franklin, OH (east side of I-75)


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: T. Bell, D. Boles, R. Coombs, G. Gregg, M. Lewis, N. Ouwerkerk,  S. Rumsey, S. Smith, D. Stempfley, II, H. Thornton, R. Vermillion, and M. Viney.


MEMBERS / VISITORS PRESENT: D. Benson, C. Bogan, O. Cohen,  J. Hartings, V. Hartings, D. Lawson, K. McKibben, R. McKibben, S. McKibben, T. Michimi, Randall Potter, Randy Potter, B. Soares, D. Stempfley, G. Whaling, L. Whitaker, and B. Williams.


Respectfully submitted by Lynda Whitaker, OVKA Secretary, 6/2/06.