CALL TO ORDER: President Rick Coombs called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. at Ramada Inn, Middletown, Ohio.


OPENING REMARKS: Rick Coombs reminded attendees to sign in and keep cell phones off or on vibrate mode.     


SECRETARY’S REPORT: Lynda Whitaker made a motion to accept the September minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by Nick Ouwerkerk and passed unanimously.  Whitaker requested the October minutes be tabled until next month.  She explained that participation credits will be published in the next newsletter and can also be checked on the website by going into the individual class finishes.  Rick Coombs asked that everyone check their participation credits and the spelling of their name reporting any changes to Whitaker.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Gary Gregg provided an update on finances and said there have been no major expenditures.



RULES COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs reported there were 11 general members in attendance at the general rules meeting held on October 15th.  The Rules Committee then met that afternoon and again on October 23rd.  Another meeting is scheduled for this Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  Coombs explained the function of the Rules Committee is to make recommendations to the board.  It is then up to the board to make final decisions which is done through a vote.  Nick Ouwerkerk asked if the committee plans to bring the entire rulebook at one time or over several meetings.  Coombs explained it is necessary for the 2006 schedule and class structure to stand alone and be voted on so this information can be included in upcoming publicity.  Once the committee has finished their work, a draft of the entire rulebook will be forwarded to the board for review prior to voting on it at a future meeting.


BANQUET COMMITTEE: Rick Coombs reminded everyone the banquet is coming up Saturday, January 21, 2006 at Kings Island Resort and Conference Center.  The banquet registration form is available online and in the newsletter.  Ticket prices prior to January 6th are $30 for adults (ages 13 and older); $15 for ages 6 through 12; children 5 and under are free.  After January 6th, ticket price increases $5.00.  In order to get the special room rate of $69 plus tax, hotel reservations need to be made by January 6, 2006.  Toshiya Michimi suggested the menu include pizza for the kids.  Coombs discussed types of prizes including a Yamaha engine, a Briggs engine, full season race pass, and three $1,000 checks.


FUTURE PLANNING: Max Viney stated there has been no activity since last month.  Gary Gregg reported he is still waiting for removal of one of the grain bins. 


SHOWS & PROMOTIONS: Randy Vermillion reported that OVKA was represented this past weekend at the Springfield Car and Parts Show.  OVKA brochures and Swap Meet flyers were distributed.  He said that while attendance was down a little, there was a good amount of interest by visitors to the booth.  He thanked the people who volunteered: Don Boles, Rick Coombs, JoAnne Hartings, Victor Hartings, Logan and Randy J. Vermillion, Max Viney, and Lynda Whitaker.  Coombs thanked Vermillion for coordinating the event, setting up the show booth and bringing in karts to display.  Nick Ouwerkerk agreed to coordinate the Cavalcade of Customs Show with the assistance of Joan Morgan.  This show will be held January 27 through 29, 2006 at Cincinnati Convention Center.  Volunteers will be needed to staff the booth.  Vermillion reported the booth is in need of some minor repairs and he would like to update the pictures.  Ouwerkerk reported the DARF (Dayton Auto Race Fans) Banquet is coming up December 3rd at Conover Hall in Franklin with four OVKA class winners being recognized.  Vermillion suggested that those persons planning on attending the KMI Show in February make their hotel reservations soon.


SPONSORSHIP / PIT SPOTS: Randy Vermillion discussed the decline in sponsorship this past season and suggested we consider approaching local businesses in Camden and Eaton.


SWAP MEET: Gary Gregg reported that everything is in place for the Swap Meet being held Saturday, February 4, 2006 at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio.  National Kart News is once again sponsoring this event.  Approximately 12 gate workers will be needed.



AMB OPERATOR: Rick Coombs explained there continues to be the need for an AMB operator for next season.  Interested persons should contact Coombs or Lynda Whitaker.


WEBSITE OVERHAUL: Doug Stempfley explained that our website needs to have the ability to interface with Mike Velten’s points spreadsheet.  He presented quotes from six website providers and discussed various details about their features.  Coombs explained that our insurance does not cover chat rooms or forums.  Following discussion, the consensus was to go with Webspin and Randy Vermillion made a motion to appropriate $2,600 in start-up funds and the first year’s monthly fees.  The motion was seconded by Don Boles and passed unanimously.  Boles said the monthly newsletter could be discontinued once an updated website is in place.  Vermillion responded it may require a change to the by-laws.  Ouwerkerk recommended adjusting the by-laws to say “electronically”.  Lynda Whitaker suggested there still be an annual mailing to include the banquet registration form and membership application.  Stempfley will provide a pictorial demonstration for the board to review prior to initializing the new website.  Vermillion thanked Stempfley for putting in the time to research websites.


WKA CHEST PROTECTION REQUIREMENT: Rick Coombs reminded everyone that as of December 26, 2005, WKA will require the use of chest protection in Kid Kart and Sportsman-age classes (12 years and younger) in all series.  Currently, Armadillo and Ribtech are the approved manufacturers.  Other brands may be added.  Steve Smith said it is his understanding that Armadillo is going to offer some type of exchange program.  Tim Bell reported that WKA has links on their website to Armadillo and Ribtech.   


2006 OFFICERS: Rick Coombs said the following people have expressed interest in filling officer positions in 2006: Randy Vermillion – President, Max Viney – Vice-President, Lynda Whitaker - Secretary, and Jason Gregg – Treasurer.  Any other persons interested in running for one of these positions should contact Coombs.  Ted Cradlebaugh asked how the Tech Director position is filled to which Coombs responded it is up to the President to appoint that position.


2006 SCHEDULE: Rick Coombs explained a few dates had to be moved around since last month.  There will be one Circleville date that will have a MSOKC race on the Saturday before our event.  Practice on that Saturday will be available until 2:00 p.m.  As part of the 2006 schedule, the Rules Committee is recommending there be a qualifying format at two race dates next season with the feature determining the winner.  Following discussion, Randy Vermillion made a motion to accept the 2006 schedule as presented.  The motion was seconded by Mark Lewis and passed unanimously.  Gerald Whaling suggested hosting an Ohio State Championship two-day event separate from our points series on the New Castle date with practice and qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday.  He feels this would be a good fundraising opportunity.  Gary Gregg said it should be called Tri-State or Mid-States rather than Ohio if it were to be conducted in Indiana.  Coombs asked whose rules and tires would be used to which Whaling said  WKA’s.  Tim Bell said he would not buy a set of tires for one race.  Whaling recommended getting together with New Castle and Circleville to discuss this further.  Ted Cradlebaugh stated it could be good for all three clubs.  Don Boles said it would take time to plan and advertise an event like this and could be worked on for the 2007 season.  Vermillion pointed out it would take someone to coordinate such an event.  Coombs said there are some members who would like to see the return of the Turkey Race and asked if the board would consider this.  Boles stated it is a lot of work and Steve Smith said the club could lose money because expenses still have to be covered.



CLASS STRUCTURE: Rick Coombs presented a draft of the 2006 class structure explaining the Rules Committee is recommending mandatory nosecones for all 4-cycle classes and some weight adjustments for some classes.  Gerald Whaling said there should be a survey of the driver’s weights before making changes and suggested having the Yamaha Heavy class again.  Don Lawson asked what happened to a transition class.  Coombs explained that on-track testing needs to be conducted prior to submitting it to WKA for approval as a local option class.  JoAnne Hartings suggested the board look at how many racers are affected before changes are made.  Coombs asked if the board wants to leave Yamaha Lite and Heavy separate.  He explained that even with low numbers, OVKA has usually offered the class for one more year.  Coombs said surveying existing drivers does not take into count other people who may be coming into a class.  Bob Cox stated that if last year’s class structure is kept in place, there is no place for the driver who is heavy to run unless they are at least 35 years old.  He suggested offering a medium weight class at 350#.  Max Viney said there are people who are light that have to add weight.  Hartings pointed out that Yamaha Lite was one of the largest classes this past season.  Steve Smith said keeping Senior Novice Yamaha is important as it provides inexperienced karters a place to race.  Vermillion made a motion that the 2006 class structure be the same as 2005 with no changes.  The motion was seconded by Mark Lewis.  Gary Gregg amended the motion to increase Junior Briggs weight to 325#, Briggs Animal to 360#, and Yamaha Heavy to 390#.  The amendment was seconded by Nick Ouwerkerk and passed with 8 in favor and 1 opposed.  Vermillion’s motion as amended was then voted on and passed with 8 in favor and 1 abstained.  Gregg said the board needs to make sure classes are attractive for more karters.


TECH: Randy Vermillion asked the board to think about whether it is appropriate for engine builders to be involved in technical inspections.  He explained that in the past there had been input by some members that this was not best practice.  Nick Ouwerkerk said that any time there is qualified help, it is a value to the karters that should be embraced.  Gary Gregg agreed we should be able to use engine builders pointing out there have been karters who refused to allow them to inspect their engines in the past.  Vermillion said if this is done, he expects the board’s full support.  Tim Bell said he heard people complain when an engine builder was involved at the Champ Race two years ago.  Vermillion explained that is why he is asking the board as he is already receiving complaints about this option.  Ouwerkerk suggested enforcement of disqualifications be carried out by someone other than an engine builder.



WKA WEEKLY RACING SERIES: Toshiya Michimi asked if a WKA representative is going to be in attendance at each club’s awards banquet.  Lynda Whitaker will check into this.


NEXT BOARD MEETING: 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 6, 2005, at Ramada Inn Middletown, 6147 West State Route 122, Franklin, OH (east side of I-75).


ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn at 9:57 p.m. was made by Nick Ouwerkerk, seconded by Hal Thornton and passed unanimously.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bell, Boles, Coombs, Gregg, Lewis, Ouwerkerk, Smith, Thornton, Vermillion, and Viney.


MEMBERS / VISITORS PRESENT: C. Bogan, R. Cox, T. Cradlebaugh, J. Hartings, M. Hartings, V. Hartings, D. Lawson,

T. Michimi, Randall Potter, Randy Potter, D. Stempfley, G. Whaling, L. Whitaker, B. Williams.


Respectfully submitted by Lynda Whitaker, OVKA Secretary, 11/29/05.